Bodhi Tree Spa – Our Vision & Mission

We passionately believe in your overall mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing…and great skin! It’s all about being naturally and beautifully you.

I firmly believe in a balance of Eastern and Western philosophies for the mind, body & soul to nurture your overall wellbeing. And this is why we provide premium treatments in a relaxed, warm & friendly environment to enable you to love yourself just that little bit more.

Beauty for the Mind, Body & Soul (#Beautyformindbodysoul) AND #NaturallyYou. We grabbed this motto before it became super en-vogue to use it. Why? Because it pretty much encompasses my vision for the Spa.

Our History

2011 Carla has a light-bulb moment to not follow in Mum’s footsteps but to follow her heart and her passion. Her path to beauty, massage and wellness begins. 

2013 Graduation day – time to branch out into the big wide world

2012 – 2016 Carla was an in-house and freelance beauty and massage therapist within Beauty Salons, 5 Star Spas as well as home visits

2016 – Opens The Bodhi Tree Spa

2020 – We joined the new world of COVID-19 lock-down…and watch this space!

Bodhi Tree Spa Chalfont Tea
Main Entrance - Audley Chalfont Dene

Our Story

Started in 2016 by me, Carla, and my Mum (Sarah), The Bodhi Tree Spa was a vision and opportunity for me to fulfill my dream of running a Spa and running it the way I felt a Spa should be run.

I embarked on my career to fulfill my passion for beauty and wellness and it fitted so well with being a single-Mum. With Sarah living in Thailand since 2006, I developed an affinity with South East Asia and their relaxed way of life and beautiful, peaceful nature. Their strength which came from holding core values and pride for maintaining inherent, traditional ways and practices and their gentle approach. There is a strong family value and also to help others, even when they may have virtually nothing. My experience of this part of the globe was so humbling.

I think that the most significant to make its mark on me is the eastern approach to health and beauty. In Buddhism, it is all about balance and the middle way. The meeting of the mind, the body and the soul in harmony.  In 2018, after only 2 years of opening, The Bodhi Tree Spa had grown to a point where it I needed to put on big girl panties and become a Limited Company. EEEK – All grown up now!

The Bodhi Tree Spa is small yet perfectly formed. You won’t find our therapists wearing restrictive, but oh so smart tunics. I want them to be comfortable so they can move freely to perform therapies. Nor will you pick up a bitchy or negative vibe as having a friendly bond gelling my wonderful, super friendly and laid-back team is what, I believe, makes us stand out from the Spa and well-being crowd. 

Our Awards & Nominations

Muddy Stilettos Best Spa in Bucks and Oxfordshire – Winner – 2016

Muddy Stilettos Best Spa in Bucks and Oxfordshire – Runner Up – 2017

Hair & Beauty Awards – Best Massage Therapist – SE & SW England – 2019

Hair & Beauty Awards – Best Spa Runner up- SE & SW England – 2019

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence – 2019

Meet The Bodhi Tree Spa Founder

That’s me, Carla, Mum to my amazing son. I am also a solopreuneur, a girlboss, mumboss, local business woman. Choose whichever title resonates with you. Right now, feeling very proud of myself. I have followed my heart and living my dream. A dream to build a better future for myself and my son.

Like the Spa, my family is small yet perfectly formed (as perfect as any family can be!) I come from a stock of strong, independent woman.

My son, my Mum and my Gran are all my rocks.

My Gran, at 88 years young, was a regular at the Spa and every week having hair blow dried and either a manicure or facial, until she sadly passed away in April 2020. She will be missed not just by me, but by all my team. The Spa won’t feel the same every Wednesday without her.

Our Culture & Ethos

We are the spa who doesn’t focus on profit over guest experience. Having had spa treatments, and more so working in large spa environments throughout my career, my pet hate was rushing the client which resulted in dissatisfied staff and even more dissatisfied customers.

I’m also a believer of a balanced and holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing. You can slap on all the Creme de la Mer or gold infused tonics in the world, but if you are out of balance internally – physically or mentally, it will show through in your skin.

Everyone has their own natural beauty and I would rather focus my attention on this. You should leave a spa feeling fabulous, pampered and confident.
As tempting as the revenue from Botox or eyelash extensions are, neither are good for you or natural, I like to bring out our guests inner beauty and make them feel fabulous.

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