10 Reasons Why You Should be Getting Regular Facials

Written by Carla Pasco Jones | updated 12th Sept 2020

Facials are so much more than an hour of indulgent pampering. They have enormous benefits to the health and wellness of your skin, both in the short and long term. When you consider all of the regular visits you make to the dentist, hair salon, gym then why not give as much attention to your skin? It’s with you for life and it’s the first thing anyone sees. Well, with the exception of Trump, but that is a whole other story!

1. Regular facials help with extraction for clear pores

Who doesn’t love extracting blackheads, pores and pimples? Me for one! Did a Spa owner and trained beauty therapist just say that?! May the beauty powers and dermatologists that be, shoot me down! Before you head for your Mag-lamps, there are some very good reasons not to go gung ho on squeezing that beautiful face of your to within an inch of its life! Poorly extracted skin (or “picking pimples”) is the reason so many of us have facial scarring, broken capillaries and acne flare-ups. Extraction is a delicate procedure that must be done hygienically and carefully. By regularly getting the gunk out of your pores, your skin will breathe better, look healthier and suffer fewer breakouts. If you suffer from Milia, this is a whole other ball game. As they don’t have any openings on the skin’s surface, trying to remove these at home is a total no-no. Needless to say, a qualified beauty therapist or in some extreme cases, a trained aesthetician is the best person for the job.

2. Masks and peels for a healthy complexion

Now, I have a question for you. When was the last time you used that mask in your skincare regime? Probably the last time you had that ‘oh so regular facial’ you’ve been contemplating about having, right? We may have good intentions of upkeeping a healthy skincare routine but, so often, life gets in the way and we forget to do that weekly mask. During a facial and depending on your skin’s needs,  your facial will use steam to open pores, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, pores extracted and then prepared for a mask or two to calm, hydrate or decongest your skin.

3. Massage for lymphatic drainage

Most facials include a certain amount of face, décolletage and scalp massage. Not only does this send us into deep relaxation but it helps to promote lymphatic drainage, in other words, it gets rid of toxins and reduces fluid retention. By flushing out these toxins we also promote circulation, which leaves skin glowing and youthful. Who would say no to this?

4. Deep cleansing

Even those with dry sensitive skin need their cleanser to dig a little deeper. We could probably all afford to cleanse our skin for longer or to cleanse it more effectively. Deep-cleansing facials make up for our lazy ways by thoroughly removing dirt and oil build-up without drying the skin. Proper cleansing means your pores will be refined and your complexion will look and feel rejuvenated. It’s kind of like supplementing regular toothbrushing with visits to the dentist, but monthly rather than six months, monthly is preferable.

According to an article in Allure, on the frequency of facials, they asked Aestheticians Shani Darden and Joanna Vargas, and New York City-based dermatologist Ellen Marmur, all agree that the magic number is — drumroll, please — once per month

5. Get good advice

Your beauty therapist will consult with you on any problem areas and also assess your skin. If you’re not asked to complete and go through a skin consultation prior to your ‘regular’ facial treatment, run for those hills! By diagnosing common skin issues, they’ll advise you on the best facial and what products you should be using for your skin type. You may not know you have dehydrated or rosacea-prone skin, or that products you are currently using are causing irritation, but regular visits to the spa will guarantee you’ll understand what’s happening with your skin and that you’re using the right products for it. And, considering your skin is constantly changing, it’s important to get regular updates. Consider your beauty therapist as your skin or counsellor. 

6. Professional strength exfoliation

It’s impossible to avoid environmental free-radical damage. We’re bombarded daily with unavoidable toxins, UV rays and dirt that cause our skin to look ruddy and congested. Professional strength exfoliation like microdermabrasion or fruit acid peels effectively remove dead skin cells and promote healthy cell turnover when used regularly. Over time, professional exfoliating methods can also help to diminish acne and other facial scarring.

7. Leave it to a professional

Beauty therapists have undertaken a lot of training to be able to carry out your facial treatment. Trust me, they have seen a lot more skin types under the Mag-lamp than you; unless of course you too are a professional beauty therapist. They train to look for and deal with skin issues that you shouldn’t try to tackle yourself. For instance, milia, which I touched on earlier, are a common skin issue. And if done incorrectly, can result in scarring. Milia are a build-up of keratin in the form of tiny white bumps, often found around the eyes, and shouldn’t be removed at home. Leave it to the pros who do regular facials to safely pierce and extract it without damaging the skin.  Needless to say, regular facials help to keep recurring skin concerns under control.

8. High tech treatments

There are more high-tech facial treatments than you can shake a stick at.

  • Dermabrasion/Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Light Therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Galvanic Therapy
  • Vampire or Needling Facials
  • Radio Frequency
  • LED Phototherapy

…and the list goes on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Now, given I run a humble Spa which focuses on enhancing your own natural beauty, we don’t offer nor employ aestheticians, so I can’t speak with any credibility for many on the list. However, I can impart my knowledge and love for Elemis’ Biotec facial which uses a 5-in-1 facial machine offering a combination of ultrasonic, micro-current, oxygen and light therapy to lift, smooth, brighten or purify your skin, depending on your complexion needs. When you consider the machines tools vibrate at an impressive 27,000 per second to draw out impurities, it’s a bit of a steal with treatments starting at as little as £57 compared with some high tech facials rocking out at £500+! 

Learn more about the benefits of this technology in our article on Everything you Need to Know About Elemis Biotec Facials

 9. Make visits to a spa for a facial part of your overall well-being practice

Life is busy, hectic even. Most of us don’t take nearly enough time out for ourselves, but at least we have the COVID lockdown to thank for bringing our awareness to incorporating some self-care into our overall well-being focus.  Treating yourself and your skin to some downtime where it’s all about you. The net result if that not only will your skin be glowing, you will feel refreshed and awesome, but it will also help to alleviate stress and regain balance. Hands up who wants to spend an hour in a peaceful, relaxing environment?

10. Regular facials can help stave off the visible signs of anti-ageing

We’re getting older each and every day and because we only have one face, we really need to take care of it. By getting regular facials, we promote cell turnover, boost collagen production and maintain healthy skin balance, all of which are great anti-ageing remedies. Add that to the mind-health benefits of self-care, it’s a winner. Now doesn’t that beat Botox!