Did you Have a Melt-down in Lock-down?

Confessions of a Spa Owner

I’m not sure what’s just happened over the past few months? Did you have a melt-down in Lock-down, or am I alone? Am I dreaming? Is this really the new version of normal life? Where did those amazing, life altering (positive) changes for 2020 go?

What a roller coaster the past few months have been. I say roller coaster as it has been up and down. There have been bits of our new lives I have loved and am still loving and of course, bits which are just a wee bit overwhelming and surreal. 

I would stake my life that I am in the majority and certainly not alone. 

However, I am a business owner and I have to stay strong and have to stoically take all the knock downs and catch all the curve balls which have been thrown at me. 

Uhh uh (visual –  vehemently shaking my head). That’s in an ideal world, but we don’t have that any more. The reality was what I simply shut myself off. After all, I am only human and one with pretty high anxiety levels.  Confession time. I’m not a superwoman with super powers. Damn, I truly wish I was! 

I feel owe you, my wonderful, amazing clients, a heartfelt apology as well as an explanation. 

So why have there been no emails, no calls, no post on social media or blogs?

Shortly after closing the Bodhi Tree Spa doors back in March, I lost my beautiful, beloved Granny to congestive heart failure. She has been a rock and inspiration to me. And not being able to support and be with a loved one in their last hours amidst the COVID-19 breakout was just heartbreaking. 

She sadly passed on 18th April at 88 years young. I don’t think I ever appreciated just how strong she was, until now. She fought long and hard for days despite the Drs giving her hours.

I even had to cancel her weekly hair & nail appointment on 11th March due to my concerns of her health and keeping her safe.

My other rock, my Mum, lives overseas and it was a hell of a mission for her to get back. Who doesn’t need there Mum in times like this? 

Add the other, more common challenges, pretty much all of us have had to face;

  • Adjusting to the new way of life
  • Learning how to become a home tutor for my son. 
  • Sitting open-mouthed at some of the Government’s announcements ‘for the good of the people’. 
  • Throw in having to shut the doors of the Spa into the mix, just became overwhelming. Worrying about letting my clients down and the security of my teams jobs was all a tad stressful. And I confess, both me (and Mum) went into bear mode to hibernate so we could refocus on the business and start to heal our wounds. 🌲🐻

Welcome to the New Normal

Hello new world – I’m back!

Now we are starting to return to the new version of normality, we are coming out of hibernation. 

This lock-down has shone a seriously bright spotlight on exactly how important our overall health is to us, more so what stress can do to the mind and the body. 

What I have been doing is turning the business on its head and looked at it from every angle possible. I don’t think there has been any stone left un-turned. 

  • How can I make your experience better? 
  • What do I need to do to create a space and experience which is your stress-free safe haven from this new world? 
  • How can I bring balance into your time at the Spa?

I believe we have a duty to one another to make each other feel safe more so now than ever before. 

I am truly sorry for my silence. Yes, it’s an excuse, my excuse and I only hope you can please forgive me?

A genuine Namaste to you all 

Namaste – We are the same, we are one

Love and a huge air hug 🙏🏼, Carla x 🕉️