What the World Would Be Like If Lava Shell Massage Didn’t Exist at The Bodhi Tree Spa?

We have been asking ourselves the very same question. For those Hot Stone Massage fans out there, you really do need to try out this seriously therapeutic, yet relaxing massage!

Last month, the team, including me, went AWOL from the Spa to train in Hot Lava Shell luxurious Massage. Keep reading to discover more.

10 reasons you will 💗 lava shell massage:

  1. Eases muscle tension and aches
  2. Releases blocked energy flow to re-energise the body
  3. May help to reduce arthritic pain
  4. Reduces swelling and water retention
  5. Deeply relaxing
  6. Helps avoid injury at the gym (Check out our blog to learn more on how to avoid injury at the gym)
  7. Boosts circulation of blood and lymph
  8. Restores a sense of balance to the body and mind
  9. Helping the environment – super eco-friendly
  10. All ingredients are natural & biodegradable. Even the sachets are compostable!

What to expect in your lava shell massage

A carrier oil, with a divine aroma, is applied to your body to reduce any friction and ensure smooth massage strokes.  Your therapist will place the palm-sized heated shells into her hands. And using light massage strokes, will work down into your muscles to loosen them up and ease any lingering tension. The heat from the shell enables the therapist to go 10 X deeper into the muscle, without pain.

To work on removing those nasty, stubborn knots, which can accumulate in our back and shoulders, a slightly firmer pressure is applied.

The smooth part of the shell is great for a gentler massage on your neck, torso, arms and legs. Whilst the narrow edge of the shell is excellent to work on tense shoulder blades and even between your toes.

So there you have it. This is what to expect from a Hot Lava Shell Massage treatment. A blissful warming sensation combined with the smooth surface of the shells will make you never want to leave the massage table.

The net result? Expect to leave relaxed yet refreshed with a spring in your step!

INSIDER THERAPIST TIP – Throughout many parts of Asia, massage is part of everyday life and wellbeing. To gain the full therapeutic benefits, locals will typically have a s90-120 minute massage. We recommend you take advantage of the prolonged heat from the shells and opt for a 90-minute treatment.

You might be wondering “what is hot lava shell massage”?

The Tiger Clamshells

These beautiful honed shells come from the Tiger Clam. Hand caught by local free-divers in the Philippines. Meaning they are sustainable, biodegradable AND compostable too! Until now, these delicious shellfish used to be eaten by the bucket-load by the Filipinos, the shells scrapped. That was until some ingenious person found another use for them. And what a great use it is!

The once discarded shells are now retained when the diners have finished feasting on the clam meat. To coin a trending phrase from the restaurant industry, it’s a superb example of ‘nose to tail’. I know, this doesn’t translate well with a crustacean, but you get the picture. Basically, nothing from this delicious shellfish goes to waste. Bingo! Sustainable and kind to the environment too.

The sciencey stuff behind these sensational shells – putting ‘the heat’ into this massage

I’m going to get a wee bit technical on you now. The magic of these heavenly Tiger clam lava shells is from a combination of minerals. Which include algae, dried sea kelp, dead sea salt and essential oils with sea salt acting as the ‘activator’. This blend of incredible ingredients creates a chemical reaction inside the shell, producing heat, which can last for up to two hours. A lot longer than you can expect from hot stones.

An added bonus; the lava shells give off calcium ions when heated, which regenerates your skin, leaving it looking firmer and more fabulous. Now that’s worth shelling out for!

Indulge in a Lava Shell Massage

Who shouldn’t have lava shell massage?

  • Pregnant women…for now, Lava Shell Pregnancy massage coming soon to The Bodhi Tree Spa
  • Anyone who’s recently had an operation
  • If you have an active cancer
  • DVT
  • Suffer from Epilepsy

Hot tip – you may want to ‘shell’ out on this!

Pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist! Why not extend the sublime feeling of a Lava Shell massage at home?  Granted, it’s not going to have that feeling you get when you get a professional massage. Our therapists can give you some tips on self-massage.

How? With a Lava Shell Homecare Kit at only £50 :

  1. One Lava Sustainable Shell…that means you can use it again and again
  2. Four self-heating sachets (replacements can be purchased separately once you run out)
  3. Sample bottles of the 5 difference massage oils
  4. And of course, an instruction manual on how to prepare your shells.
We look forward to seeing you soon for your Lava Shell Massage!

Carla x

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